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for Old Indic Texts

The VedaWeb Project

This DFG-funded project provides a web-based, open-access platform in order to facilitate linguistic research on Old Indic texts. The text corpus is made available in a digitally accessible as well as morphologically and metrically annotated form, searchable for lexicographic and corpus-linguistic criteria. VedaWeb is part of the Cologne South Asian Languages and Texts (C-SALT).

The pilot text is the Rigveda, linked to the dictionaries available at Cologne Digital Sanskrit Dictionaries via the C-SALT APIs for Sanskrit Dictionaries. The morphological annotation of the Rig-Veda was carried out at the Universität Zürich (UZH) and made available for the project.

The source code of the VedaWeb platform application in its current state is open-sourced via a public GitHub repository.

VedaWeb Application

This is the VedaWeb Platform web application. There is also an interactive documentation of the exposed API for any interested users with a technical background.

‣ Open VedaWeb Application


Cologne South Asian Languages and Texts (C-SALT) provides an overview of projects and digital resources related to South Asian languages, texts, and culture at the University of Cologne.

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VedaWeb Related Publications

The following list contains papers, talks and presentations that were produced in the context of the VedaWeb project.


Francisco Mondaca & Felix Rau (2020):
Transforming the Cologne Digital Sanskrit Dictionaries into Ontolex-Lemon [pdf]
In: Proceedings of the 7th Workshop on Linked Data in Linguistics: Building Tools and Infrastructure at LREC 2020. 11–16 May 2020. Marseille, France. 11-14
Börge Kiss, Daniel Kölligan, Francisco Mondaca, Claes Neuefeind, Uta Reinöhl & Patrick Sahle (2019):
It Takes a Village: Co-developing VedaWeb, a Digital Research Platform for Old Indo-Aryan Texts [pdf]
In Steven Krauwer & Darja Fišer (eds.), TwinTalks at DHN 2019 – Understanding Collaboration in Digital Humanities.
Francisco Mondaca, Philip Schildkamp & Felix Rau (2019):
Introducing Kosh, a Framework for Creating and Maintaining APIs for Lexical Data [pdf]
In: Electronic Lexicography in the 21st Century. Proceedings of the eLex 2019 Conference, Sintra, Portugal. Brno: Lexical Computing CZ, s.r.o., 907–21.

Conference Presentations

Mondaca, F., Rau, F., Neuefeind, C., Kiss, B., Kölligan, D., Reinöhl, U., Sahle, P. (2019):
C-SALT APIs - Connecting and Exposing Heterogeneous Language Resources
To Appear in: Book of Abstracts of the Digital Humanities Conference 2019 (DH2019). Utrecht, Netherlands. 09.07-12-07.2019.
Kölligan, D., Neuefeind, C., Kiss, B., Mondaca, F., Reinöhl, U., Sahle, P. (2019):
VedaWeb – on the Role of Annotations in Analyzing Ancient Indo-Aryan Texts
To Appear in: Proceedings of the Historical Corpora and Variation Conference (HiCoV). Cagliari, Italy. 4.04-05.04.2019.
Kiss, B., Kölligan, D., Mondaca, F., Neuefeind, C., Reinöhl, U., Sahle, P. (2019):
It Takes a Village: Co-developing VedaWeb, a Digital Research Platform for Old Indo-Aryan Texts
To Appear in: Workshop Proceedings. Twin Talks: Understanding Collaboration in DH. Fourth Digital Humanities Conference in the Nordic Countries 2019 (DHN2019). Copenhagen, Denmark. 05.03.2019.

Poster Presentations

Kiss, B., Kölligan, D., Mondaca, F., Neuefeind, C., Reinöhl, U., Sahle, P. (2018):
VedaWeb - A Web-based Platform for Ancient Indo-Aryan Texts
First European Association for Digital Humanities Conference (EADH 2018 - Data in Digital Humanities). Galway, Ireland 7.12–09.12.2018.
Mondaca, F. (2018):
C-SALT APIs for Sanskrit Dictionaries: A Novel Approach for Accessing Digital Lexical Resources Online [pdf]
Workshop on eLexicography: Between Digital Humanities and Artificial Intelligence. Co-located with EADH 2018 - Data in Digital Humanities. Galway, Ireland. 06.012.2018
Reinöhl, U., Kölligan, D., Kiss, B., Mondaca, F., Neuefeind, C., Sahle, P. (2018):
VedaWeb – eine webbasierte Plattform für die Erforschung altindischer Texte
In: Book of Abstracts der 5. Jahrestagung der Digital Humanities im deutschsprachigen Raum (DHd 2018), Köln 26.2–2.3.2018, pp. 485–486.


Mondaca, F. (08.04.2019):
Más allá de la digitalización: El rol del acceso a información lexicográfica en Internet [pdf]
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Chile - Instituto de Literatura y Ciencias del Lenguaje (ILCL)
Kiss, B., Mondaca, F. (11.12.2018):
Introducing VedaWeb
University of Cologne, CCeH Montalk
Kiss, B., Kölligan, D. Reinöhl, U. (07.12.2018):
Projektvorstellung: VedaWeb
University of Cologne, Department of Linguistics
Mondaca, F., Rau, F. (11.07.2018):
Introducing C-SALT: Cologne South Asian Languages and Texts
University of Cologne, Kolloquium zu aktuellen Forschungsthemen der Digital Humanities


University of Cologne, Department of Linguistics (04.05.2018):
Participants: Dr. Katrin Einicke (University of Halle), Dr. Dieter Gunkel (University of Richmond), PD Dr. Oliver Hellwig (Heidelberg University, University of Stuttgart), M.A. Börge Kiss (University of Cologne), PD Dr. Daniel Kölligan (University of Cologne), M.A. Francisco Mondaca (University of Cologne), Dr. Claes Neuefeind (University of Cologne), Dr. Uta Reinöhl (University of Cologne), Prof. Dr. Kevin Ryan (Harvard University), Apl. Prof. Dr. Patrick Sahle (University of Cologne), Dr. Salvatore Scarlata (University of Zurich), Prof. Dr. Paul Widmer (University of Zurich)

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